This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skills required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


Looking into the Future with Today’s Leaders.

The world we live and work in right now is characterised by complexity, uncertainty and turbulence. This makes choosing and implementing strategy more difficult than it’s ever been. And thinking like a futurist and being able to prepare your teams and organisations for the future, is no simple task.

Recently one of our clients, Thierry Ollivero, wrote this on LinkedIn and we thought it would be worth sharing for anyone wanting to know what it is we do, and how thinking like a futurist could help your business. Read more here.

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Leading Out of Who You Are with Keith Coats.

One of the most important and relevant pieces of leadership advice, shared here by Keith Coats, is to begin your leadership practice by leading out of who you are. Simply put, this means showing up with authenticity, being true to yourself, and leaning on your strengths. If you lead through who you are the rest of your leadership practice will evolve from that place. Watch his short video here.

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Here’s How Generative AI Will Redefine the Workplace.

“HR leaders are now expected to go beyond their typical area of expertise (people) and understand/adopt new technologies (like AI) within the workforce, to both make teams more productive and create policies for safe use.”

A big part of the bionic future of people lies in the advancement of AI and more specifically AGI, artificial general intelligence. This will have a massive impact of how we work going forward. Read this Forbes article that looks at some of the changes.


Develop Strategic Imagination with this Toolkit.

In a world of constant, disruptive change it is more important than ever to develop strategic imagination – not just in your senior leaders but in everyone, everywhere in your business. Access 2 FREE scenarios from our Strategic Imagination Toolkit designed to help you paint a picture of possible future events.

We include a short video for extra context, together with a practical discussion guide to help you and your team explore the implications of each scenario in more detail. Helping you to develop your strategic imagination in order to consider the implications for your team and organisation today. Grab your 2 free scenarios here!


ThrowForward Thursday: Phytomining (extracting minerals and metals from plants).

All plants extract minerals and nutrients from the soil they’re growing in, but some appear to be able to extract metals as well, or at least metal ions that we can in turn extract from the plants. If we can do this at scale, we can use phytomining to get the metals we need to build the batteries we use to power our lives.

Watch Graeme’s recent episode here as he explores Phytomining.


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