The world we live and work in right now is characterised by complexity, uncertainty and turbulence. This makes choosing and implementing strategy more difficult than it’s ever been. And thinking like a futurist and being able to prepare your teams and organisations for the future, is no simple task.

But as futurists, we know how to help you. At TomorrowToday the work we do with clients, through keynote presentations, workshops and strategy sessions, is about being able to spot the trends that are already shaping the world, and learning to confidently predict how these will create threats and opportunities for our clients, within the next business planning cycle.

Recently one of our clients, Thierry Ollivero, wrote this on LinkedIn and we thought it would be worth sharing for anyone wanting to know what it is we do, and how thinking like a futurist could help your business.


“This week I met a futurist.

If your first thoughts are “What the hell is a futurist”… You are asking the right question.

In a world that is constantly changing, with innovations and disruptions reshaping every aspect of our lives, futurists are people who do not just keep pace but stay several steps ahead. They are the navigators of possibility, the cartographers of the yet-to-come. And Keith Coats is a master among them.

Keith does not just predict the future; he decodes it for today’s leaders. During his presentation, he painted a vivid picture of tomorrow’s landscape: a future that is interconnected, rapidly evolving, and filled with challenges and opportunities that are difficult to foresee. Yet, with his insights drawn from over two decades of experience across the globe, Keith doesn’t just outline what’s coming; he equips us to meet it head-on.

What struck me the most was his approach to leadership in this uncharted future. According to Keith, the leaders who will thrive are those who understand the global context of change, complexity, and uncertainty. They are the ones who possess an adaptive mindset and are prepared to pivot at a moment’s notice, without losing sight of their core values and mission.

One of Keith’s key messages is the importance of developing a deep understanding of the forces shaping our world. He argues that this understanding is crucial not just for business leaders but for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in their professional and personal lives. By embracing the mindset of a futurist, we can all become better prepared for the surprises the future holds.

The session with Keith Coats was a journey into what it means to lead in the 21st century. It was a wake-up call to the realities of our time and a roadmap for navigating them with foresight, courage, and resilience. His presentation didn’t just provide answers; it prompted us to ask better questions about what the future holds and our role in shaping it.

To summarise, and to quote Keith: “A futurist is someone that intentionally builds the capacity to see and understand the implications and meaning of change.”

Be a futurist. Be ready for tomorrow. Start today.”


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