This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skill required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


Graeme’s TEDx talk from a few weeks ago has finally been released and is available on YouTube: I am a Futurist. You should be one too – please feel free to watch, like it, comment on it and share it widely. That would help raise the profile of the talk, and we’d be really grateful.

Unconventional Leadership Lessons: What I’ve Learned from Kids – When it comes to the world of leadership, the lessons that stick with us the most often come from unexpected places. There’s a unique intrigue in the idea of learning profound insights from those we least expect – children. These young minds, often underestimated, hold a treasure trove of wisdom that can reshape our understanding of leadership.

Read Keith’s recent article about why it’s important for leaders to be learning from unexpected sources. Link here.

● Everyone who has a chessboard can play chess. However, not everyone is equally good at it. The mere fact that you have access to technology like AI or IoT doesn’t mean that you’re using it the right way. These complex technologies have so much to offer, which means that even if getting into it may be simple, reaching mastery can be quite complex.

These four technologies have the potential to transform your business, but only if used right:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2. Voice over Internet (VoIP)
3. Internet of Things (IoT)
4. Video Marketing

The biggest problem with learning how to use any tool is the fact that there’s a difference between knowing how to use it and knowing how to use it effectively. Many people just figure out the basic mechanics – like learning how ChatGPT works without ever bothering to learn how to make better prompts. When the results are underwhelming, they blame the tech instead of themselves. Don’t make the same mistake. Read the full article here.

● A different version of ThrowForward Thursday today, as Graeme demonstrates an amazing tool at Oman’s Royal Academy of Management. This is a lesson in how to use data and turn it into something practical. No longer can we get by with data collection, we need to be analysing all our data in order to make meaning. Your organisation absolutely needs a Chief Data Analytics Officer. Watch it here…

Cultural Intelligence: It’s Essential for Success – The overall effectiveness of leveraging your team’s diversity hinges not just on training and experience, but also on a culture that prioritises and continuously develops CQ. By investing in the growth of Cultural Intelligence, organisations can unlock the full potential of their diverse teams, leading to enhanced innovation, better decision-making, and a competitive edge in today’s globalised business world. Watch Buhle’s short video here.

Connect with us if you want to learn more about how Buhle can help you and your organisation develop Cultural Intelligence in your teams or check out his keynote/workshop on the topic here.


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