Today’s insights are brought to you by my colleague and leadership thinker, Keith Coats.


When it comes to the world of leadership, the lessons that stick with us the most often come from unexpected places. There’s a unique intrigue in the idea of learning profound insights from those we least expect – children. These young minds, often underestimated, hold a treasure trove of wisdom that can reshape our understanding of leadership.

In his book, “Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned from the Kids,” Keith shares how he’s learnt some of the most profound leadership lessons from kids!

The anecdotes he shares are not just charming and amusing; they are a testament to the power of embracing unconventional wisdom and the remarkable insights that can emerge when we look beyond traditional paradigms of authority and experience.

This approach to storytelling in leadership is not just about narrating experiences but also about fostering an environment where asking questions—a trait so effortlessly exhibited by children—is not only encouraged but celebrated. Such a trait is vital for growth and learning in leadership, reinforcing the concept of adaptive leadership.

What I've Learned From Kids

This style of adaptive leadership embraces learning from every possible source, particularly the most unexpected ones and underscores the notion of leadership as a continual journey of learning. By integrating storytelling with a culture of curiosity, leaders can create a dynamic that breaks the myth that wisdom is the sole preserve of those at the top, thereby creating a more inclusive, innovative, and forward-thinking leadership approach.

Often, it’s the insights gained from the most surprising sources that become the most impactful lessons and stories we tell, shaping our journey as leaders in profound and unexpected ways. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to expand your leadership perspective and join this enriching dialogue. What’s a story that changed your perspective on something? What have you learnt from kids?

You can find Keith’s book on Amazon if you’re interested in reading more as Keith explores the universal lessons we learn as parents and shows how to apply them in the boardroom, the office or the factory.

Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned from the Kids

Watch Keith’s video here and discover what he learnt from the kids, and what you can learn too!

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Keith Coats is a founding partner of TomorrowToday Global and leadership specialist. He is now based in Cape Town, South Africa having relocated from London towards the end of 2021. Keith works with blue chips companies and in multiple business school leadership programmes worldwide helping senior leaders prepare today for the challenges and threats of tomorrow…and sometimes, the ‘day after tomorrow’. Recently Keith’s travel has included working throughout the UK, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, and of course, South Africa.
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