This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skills required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


Tomorrow’s World Today

Explore the key skills and strategies essential for success in tomorrow’s rapidly changing world. In this video, Buhle delves into future-fit skills that leaders need to thrive.

Learn the art of horizon scanning, experimenting in the face of challenges, embracing diversity, leveraging technology, and breaking free from limiting orthodoxies. We need to rethink and reshape the way we approach work in the ever-evolving landscape.

Whether you’re a leader or part of a dynamic team, this content is tailored to inspire positive change. Click here for more resources on Tomorrow’s World Today.


Listening: Beyond the Words

In a world where speaking often takes the spotlight, listening remains an undervalued but essential skill, especially for leaders. It is an awareness and skill that can and should be developed by anyone intent on leading others or wanting to add value.

So why do most of us find listening so hard?

In Keith’s recent article ‘Listening: Beyond the Words’, he shares six tips to help you become a better listener.


Start developing your team’s strategic imagination today with our Strategic Imagination Toolkit

Strategic Imagination is all about the capacity to envision future scenarios and opportunities for your organisation and yourself, while challenging conventional thinking about change. It involves rejecting the tendency to assess new innovations and opportunities through the lens of current understandings, systems, and standards.

TomorrowToday Global has developed a Strategic Imagination Toolkit for leaders and we’re giving YOU access to 2 FREE scenarios from this toolkit.

These future scenarios are designed to help you to consider possible future events and includes a short video for extra context, together with a short, practical discussion guide to help you and your team explore the implications of each scenario in more detail.

They’re intended to take only 10 minutes of your next team meeting, but the conversations, mindsets and thinking that they could kickstart could last far beyond your meeting.

Download your mini Strategic Imagination Toolkit for FREE here and start developing your team’s strategic imagination today.


ThrowForward Thursday: No More Plastics

In this week’s episode of ThrowForward Thursday, Graeme explores a future without plastic! In our lifetimes we must find a way to end the use of plastic as we use it now so that we stop adding more toxins and pollution to our planet. From innovative cleanup projects to eco-friendly solutions, discover how we can make a difference. You can watch it here.


The Global 50 – Dubai Futures Institute

The Global 50 report shares the foundation’s view of the future and 50 opportunities for future growth, prosperity and well-being. Some opportunities may be in their early days of exploration, some require reflection, and some feel very far away.

Some of the megatrends include Boundless Multidimensional Data, Borderless World Fluid Economies, Saving Ecosystems and Digital Realities. You can read the full report here.


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