Strategic Imagination: Your capacity to envision future scenarios and opportunities for your organisation and self, while challenging conventional thinking about change. This involves rejecting the tendency to assess new innovations and opportunities through the lens of current understandings, systems, and standards.

This important 21st century leadership skill allows you to anticipate and reimagine market shifts, technological advancements, and consumer behaviours, enabling the crafting of innovative strategies that position organisations ahead of the curve, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

In other words… strategic imagination helps us develop the skills to anticipate deep, disruptive shifts in our world and create ways to take action with confidence no matter what the future throws at us.

The good news is that the team at TomorrowToday Global has developed a Strategic Imagination Toolkit for leaders and we’re inviting YOU to access to 2 FREE scenarios from this Toolkit.

Strategic Imagination Toolkit

These future scenarios are designed to help you to consider possible future events and includes a short video for extra context, together with a short, practical discussion guide to help you and your team explore the implications of each scenario in more detail.

They’re intended to take only 10 minutes of your next team meeting, but the conversations, mindsets and thinking that they could kickstart could last far beyond your meeting.

Here’s how we suggest you use this resource:

1. Prior to your weekly team meeting, we suggest you ask your team to take one of the 2 scenarios and think about the implications it might have for their life, your business, their community and the world. (The two scenarios in this mini eBook help you and your team consider how Robotic Exoskeletons can enhance human abilities and secondly, what a world without chocolate could look like!)

2. We encourage you to then also share the short video that we provide relating to the given scenario as well as the second page of the scenario which details more of the possible implications, as well as some additional discussion questions.

3. At the start of your next regular team meeting, briefly discuss the scenario as a team. The goal here is to stretch imaginations, rather than come up with business plans. It’s less about predicting the future or debating whether the exact scenario we present will come true or not, but about the process of stretching your imagination.

4. Don’t spend more than 10 to 15 minutes discussing one scenario. Our suggestion is to incorporate these scenario discussions into regular meetings, because it builds a rhythm of short and sharp scenario input into your teams. The more this is repeated, the stronger the strategic imagination muscle becomes.

(If you do find this a valuable exercise that you wish to implement with your team on an ongoing basis then our full Strategic Imagination for Leaderships Toolkit consists of 25 future scenarios and is available here for only $19.99 or for free if you’re a member of Graeme Codrington’s Future Club.)

Strategic Imagination Toolkit

Developing your strategic imagination – It’s about giving your team a regular opportunity to imagine a world that doesn’t yet exist and allowing those thoughts to spark ideas about what you can do differently and creatively in your world today.

Download your mini–Strategic Imagination Toolkit for FREE here and start developing your team’s strategic imagination today.

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