This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skill required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


• A reminder that Buhle will be in South Africa for February and March 2024, but his diary is filling up quickly.

Chat with us about booking him for either his Unleashing Your Greatness keynote or if you’re looking for the right person to equip your leaders and teams with the essential tools to create inclusion and belonging as part of your workplace culture – look no further. Buhle brings a wealth of experience and wisdom and is passionate about Cultural Intelligence.

Creating an inclusive culture is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ in today’s diverse workplace, it is a top priority for organisational success, teamwork, productivity and innovation.

Developing your strategic thinking skills isn’t enough to get you promoted. In order to advance in your career, you need to demonstrate them. Leaders want to know what you think, and they view your worthiness for promotion through the lens of how ready you are to make bigger decisions. Take the initiative on new projects that show how your understanding extends beyond your current function. (Or chat with us about booking a strategy session with one of our team to kickstart your 2024).) 

Read the full article from the Harvard Business Review on How to Demonstrate Your Strategic Thinking Skills here.

The Workplace in 2024In this ThrowFroward Episode, Graeme looks at the ten trends he believes will have the most impact on the workplace and the workforce in the year ahead. For more information on these trends, and if you’d like us to help you think through how they will impact you and create opportunities for yourself and your teams, email Graeme for a no-obligation chat.

• In the latest podcast episode from Future Smart Parent, Jude chats with Buhle Dlamini, where, using the ‘5 keys from his keynote Unleashing your Greatness’, they chat about how to raise greatness and nurture potential in our kids. A great conversation to guide you to help your kids harness their potential to the fullest. Listen here.

• In case you missed it last week, Graeme’s latest TEDx Talk is available and well worth the time (10 minutes) it’ll take to watch it. It explains why our team at TomorrowToday believes everyone should be a futurist, and how you can become one. Watch it here.


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