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Building Resilient Teams for a Thriving 2024: Our Year-End Reflection.

As the year winds down, many of us find our teams grappling with the cumulative stress and fatigue of the past months. It’s a time when burnout can peak, just as we’re crossing the finish line. But as we turn our sights to the holidays, it’s crucial to remember: rest isn’t just a reward, it’s a vital component of resilience.

As we prepare to usher in 2024, we wanted to share our workshop, Building Resilient Teams, with you. It is designed to equip you and your teams with the tools to foster a robust, thriving team in the face of upcoming challenges.

Our workshop aims to unravel these stress responses. By understanding how your brain functions under pressure, you’ll learn to recognise and break free from self-sabotage spirals, setting the stage for a more productive and positive team environment. This could be what your team needs to start 2024 off in the best way!


● In this week’s ThrowForward Thursday, Graeme explores Oil-eating Microbes that create Gold Hydrogen. A Texas-based company, Cemvita, has proposed using microbes that eat oil and excrete Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide as a solution for both cleaning out oil wells and generating clean energy. This is the final episode of our future energy mini-series.


Stop Making the Business Case for Diversity – Eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies explain their interest in diversity by making some form of a business case: justifying diversity in the workplace on the grounds that it benefits companies’ bottom line. And yet, in a recent study, the authors found that this approach actually makes underrepresented job candidates a lot less interested in working with an organisation.

Many organisations justify their commitment to diversity by suggesting it is a moral choice. But this article challenges that. Diversity helps teams achieve their best, in the same ways that a culture of innovation also helps teams to achieve their best. So why treat diversity differently from other values such as innovation, resilience or integrity? Read the full article here.

● As we move into 2024, it’s important for leaders to recognise the ways that things are changing and how these changes impact how we need to lead, do business and build our companies.


In this decade of disruption, our team has identified 5 key elements that we suggest leaders need to keep a close eye on: Technology, Institutional Shifts, Demographics, Environmental Changes and Societal Values. These five elements are the TIDES of Change. The most successful companies in the next few years will be those that find ways to be strategically responsive to these global changes.

To do this, it is important that everyone, at every level of the organisation, has an understanding of the forces that will be shaping the next decade. Only then can they contribute meaningfully to your company’s success. Another great option for a keynote, or workshop to kickstart your 2024 with your team. Watch Buhle’s video here.


● While the headline of ‘6 Mindblowing Predictions about 2024’ may imply exciting, new revelations, we’re confident that our clients will recognise these predictions as part of the landscape we’ve been navigating together.

This article echoes the trends and shifts we’ve already identified, showcasing the strategic foresight that has emerged from our work. In the evolving business landscape, we hope our clients feel confident and empowered with futurist skills that allow them to anticipate disruption and handle the changes inevitably barrelling toward us.

If you’re curious or concerned that your organisation is not adequately prepared to handle disruption, get in touch with us – we’d love to help you navigate disruption in 2024 and beyond.


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