As the year winds down, many of us find our teams grappling with the cumulative stress and fatigue of the past months. It’s a time when burnout can peak, just as we’re crossing the finish line. But as we turn our sights to the holidays, it’s crucial to remember: rest isn’t just a reward, it’s a vital component of resilience.

As we prepare to usher in 2024, we wanted to share our workshop, Building Resilient Teams, with you. It is designed to equip you and your teams with the tools to foster a robust, thriving team in the face of upcoming challenges.

Change is the only constant in our professional lives, and adapting to it requires emotional agility. We’ve all seen how much the world of work can shift – think about it – ChatGPT was only launched in November 2022. So if change is inevitable, we must learn to adapt, to ride the wave and grow through, and despite, the disruption.

Our keynote begins by delving into why transitions can be so emotionally taxing. As we approach the new year, understanding and managing these stresses is more crucial than ever. We’ll explore techniques to navigate this constant ambiguity, turning potential stressors into opportunities for growth.

Stress has a profound impact on how we think and communicate. The end of the year often amplifies this, affecting our internal dialogue and pushing us towards counterproductive behaviours.

Our workshop aims to unravel these stress responses. By understanding how your brain functions under pressure, you’ll learn to recognise and break free from self-sabotage spirals, setting the stage for a more productive and positive team environment. This could be what your team needs to start 2024 off in the best way!

The Circle of Courage – A Framework for Resilience At the core of our workshop is the Circle of Courage model, a holistic approach to fostering resilience. We’ll dive into each of its components:

  • Belonging: How do people connect and fit in with others? To whom/what do people feel a sense of attachment? Do your teams feel psychologically safe in the organisation? Do they feel heard?
  • Mastery: What are people good at? What are their skills and how can they develop them further? Are you providing opportunities for people to learn, practice and fine tune their skills? Are you celebrating people’s successes?
  • Independence: Do people feel like they have agency and autonomy, if so, where? Could you give people more independence, more opportunities to make decisions and follow through?
  • Generosity: How can people be generous to others? Who are those in our circle of influence whom we can assist? What is our broader social obligation? How can we actively support our teams?
The Circle of Courage – A Framework for Resilience

Stress and burnout can isolate us, eroding our sense of connection and self-worth. We’ll discuss how fostering a sense of belonging and mastery within your team can counteract this, using principles from Angela Duckworth’s Grit and Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset. Building resilience starts with strengthening these internal buffers.

A resilient team is one that balances autonomy with collaboration. We’ll explore how to cultivate independence within a framework of mutual support and generosity. Trust is key here – we’ll look at how to build and maintain it, even when it feels most challenging.

As we head into the holiday season, it’s important to reflect on the year’s achievements and the challenges overcome. This time of rest is not just a period of disengagement; it’s an essential phase in preparing for the demands of the new year.

Our workshop is designed to provide you with the strategies and insights needed to build a resilient team, ready to embrace 2024 with vigour and vision.

Join us to embark on this journey of growth and resilience. Get in touch with us about our Building Resilient Teams keynote. We’d love to connect with you in 2024! Let’s set the stage for a successful, robust new year.

Building Resilient Teams

Wishing you all a restful and rejuvenating holiday season.

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