Today’s insights are brought to you by my colleague and Future of People expert Buhle Dlamini.


Successful teams and organisations recognise that harnessing the full potential of diversity goes beyond merely bringing together a mix of different backgrounds. It requires the creation of an environment that is not only inclusive but also actively supportive, by equipping individuals with the necessary skills and tools to thrive. At the forefront of these essential tools is Cultural Intelligence, or CQ, a critical capability for functioning and relating effectively in culturally diverse situations.

Cultural Intelligence isn’t just about awareness; it’s about the ability to adapt, communicate, and build relationships across a spectrum of cultural contexts. Developing your organisation’s CQ involves a commitment to enhancing the collective ability to engage, negotiate, and collaborate across cultural divides.

The overall effectiveness of leveraging your team’s diversity hinges not just on training and experience, but also on a culture that prioritises and continuously develops CQ. By investing in the growth of Cultural Intelligence, organisations can unlock the full potential of their diverse teams, leading to enhanced innovation, better decision-making, and a competitive edge in today’s globalised business world.

In his keynote on Creating Inclusive Culture with Cultural Intelligence, Buhle helps teams and organisations to develop CQ capabilities in 4 critical ways:

  • CQ Drive
  • CQ Knowledge
  • CQ Strategy
  • CQ Action

Connect with me if you want to learn more about how Buhle can help you and your organisation develop Cultural Intelligence in your teams or check out his keynote/workshop on the topic here.


The way we think about people working together in organisations continues to change. We need to apply new ways of thinking about all aspects of people working together: Teamwork, Organisational Culture, Belonging, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. That’s what the future of people is about!

Buhle Dlamini is an expert on the Future of People, helping organizations unleash the greatness of their people through keynotes, workshops and tailored engagements.



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