At TomorrowToday, our work is deeply rooted in the principles of futuristic thinking. This is part of why our name is TomorrowToday as it symbolises our commitment to two equally pivotal aspects: firstly, harnessing strategic imagination to anticipate what the future holds, and secondly, embedding adaptability into our current frameworks to navigate any eventualities that may arise.

Their new book, Thinking Like a Futurist, delves into this mindset. It’s not an exercise in predicting specific future trends or events. Instead, it focuses on developing a clear, forward-thinking perspective, coupled with a ‘Future Fit’ skillset designed for our changing world. These elements are integral to our approach at TomorrowToday: preparing for the unknowns of tomorrow by adapting intelligently today.

You can watch this 10-minute video here where Keith and Graeme reflect on their previous book ‘Leading in a Changing World’ and then share their vision and thoughts on their next book, which will be launching in Q1 of 2024.

Thinking like a futurist means intentionally building the capacity to see and understand the implications and meaning of change.

In their upcoming book, Thinking Like a Futurist, we will be going into detail about exactly how to build these skills. There will be plenty of practical tools to help you build the capacity to see and understand the implications and meaning of change.

Some of the topics the book will cover include:

  • Curiosity: the power of asking good questions.
  • Strategic Imagination: pushing the boundaries of what you think you know.
  • Experimentation: try more things, more often and be okay to fail.
  • Embrace Ridiculous Ideas: let go of limiting mindsets.
  • Rethinking and Unlearning.

In the meantime, our team has a workshop on this very topic that would be a great way to kick off your team’s 2024… Because at the end of the day – the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Contact us, if you’d like further information on this workshop…

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