This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skill required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


● Do you need a great speaker to breathe life into your next event, who will leave your audience buzzing with excitement, and help you close out this year with a bang? The team at TomorrowToday proudly presents four exceptional speakers, each offering a unique perspective on key issues you and your team are facing. Inspirational, informative and entertaining all at once, your people will leave the event energised and ready for whatever faces them. Read more about our speakers here.

The Five New Foundational Qualities of Effective Leadership – CEO succession planning has never been harder. But there are questions leaders can ask today to help better prepare for tomorrow. Questions that will challenge you, such as: Can you lead with a compass when there’s no map? Are you an authentic leader? With uncertainty as today’s primary certainty, definitions of effective leadership must match the macroenvironment and the organization’s specific culture and context. Read the full article here.

Will Superintelligent AI End the World? Here’s one – very extreme – view representing the shrill scaremongering that’s out there. We don’t believe that AI is any more powerful than actual human beings are when it comes to being scared of damaging the world in the future. And we also don’t believe that ChatGPT is even 1% of actual AI. But it’s worth listening to what the scaremongers are saying, so we know what people in our networks are hearing.” Watch this TED talk here.

● In Part 2 of Graeme’s mini-series on the high impact, hugely disruptive but often overlooked forces shaping our world (we call them the “Grey Elephants” in the corner of your office), he looks at: Big Squeezes, Angry People, Multipolarity, Intelligent Assistance. Watch this week’s ThrowForward Thursday episode now. We hope you’re enjoying this interlude between Seasons 3 and 4 of ThrowForward Thursday, as we give you a summary of our team’s latest research and insights.

Social Media Workshop for Parents – Join Future Smart Parent as they host a practical workshop to help parents navigate social media settings to keep their teens (and tweens) safer and saner online. This workshop is free to members of the Future Smart Parent club ($7 monthly) or just $17 as a once-off investment. You can sign up here.


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