This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skill required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


● Adaptability is not just about being successful in a changing world, evolutionary biology identifies it as essential to survival, and one of the most important adaptive skills is that of ‘getting on the balcony’. In this week’s insights, Global Futurist, Keith Coats dives into the importance of ‘the balcony’ and how to build the reflective muscle.⁠ Read the full article and discover ways to help you cultivate this vital reflective habit that is so essential for adaptability.

What are the chances of an AI apocalypse? Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war. In this recent article, shared by The Economist, professional “superforecasters” are more optimistic about the future than AI experts. Read more here.

● In this week’s episode of ThrowForward Thursday Graeme talks about how Japan Airlines are starting an experiment where holiday makers going to Japan do not take any luggage with them, but instead rent their clothes for the holiday on arrival in Japan. Would you be keen to try this? Watch this week’s video here.

Navigating a World in Flux – In a fast-fragmenting world, geopolitical instability has vaulted to the top of the CEO agenda. Here’s what today’s fraught global dynamics mean for leaders — and how they can begin grappling with geopolitical risk successfully. Have a listen to this McKinsey Podcast on prioritizing geopolitical risk.

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