If you have been following Keith, Barrie, Graeme and Dean’s informative, intriguing, interesting and investigative antics via ezine over the past while, you are no doubt becoming familiar with what the New World of Work implies. You have probably been introduced to some of the challenges people face, in the vein of feeling like nobody really understands your perspective because you all labour away in multi-generational workplaces. The Tomorrow Today team have surely talked you through how the economy has changed over the last 100 years, from agricultural, to industrial to service-orientated to where we are today: in an emotional or connective economy. What’s fascinating now is how people’s collective behaviour has shifted in response to a more EQ based mindset in reaction to a need to build relationships because ultimately we are all emotional beings in a competitive market. We can access knowledge at the push of a button, so really to cope with the New World of Work one has to develop versatile and diverse skills, an open-minded attitude and appropriate values for this contemporary climate. Selling, in particular, in this connective economy requires a completely different focus and big players like Coca Cola; Pepsi Cola; JP Morgan and American Express have been selling charity to attract attention to themselves because consumers increasingly want to give back as they spend. Is this in response to what the world needs environmentally or are people just discovering their philanthropic side?

Being experts in societal change, generational clashes, people adaptability and communication Tomorrow Training can offer you and your colleagues a wealth of information, skills transformation and application tailor-made to suit your line of work in the context of the new world of work. Essentially we can provide your workforce with skills that will enable them to do things differently in order to increase productivity. Whether it’s working with your sales team, your call centre, your receptionists, your management teams, internally and interdepartmentally or with your clients, we can help you communicate more effectively. Whether that’s formally or informally, verbal or written communication, the insights we provide will prove invaluable to you as you progress through this ever-changing, fast paced, technologically driven, competitive global village that the world has become. We will help you see how this change is exciting and can be used to your advantage, rather than something to be afraid of.

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