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We have a few different podcasts at TomorrowToday, addressing many different areas of expertise. You can listen to each of our different podcasts on your favourite podcast app, or follow the links down below for more information.

Graeme Codrington’s Future of Work

Don’t just rebuild; re-imagine. The 2020s will be the most disruptive decade we’ve ever experienced – Covid is just the start. Futurist, Graeme Codrington, will guide you through everything you need to thrive in times of constant change.

Future Fit Friday

Future-Fit Fridays speaks to the entrepreneurially minded leader who is looking to contribute to shaping a reimagined future of opportunities. Giving insight into emerging trends and key shifts occurring in different industries that will make all the difference in becoming future-fit.

Future Smart Parent

Resources for parents who aren’t afraid to parent a little differently for a future that is nothing like what we grew up in. Bringing insights from top futurists, resources from smart people and stories from parents who are parenting a little differently, yet very much intentionally, for a changing world.

Our Books

Leading in a Changing World

By Graeme Codrington & Keith Coats

The challenge to be a ‘future-fit’ leader is as unrelenting as it is difficult.

Leading in a Changing World is about the current and future challenges that leaders face. It explores the type of thinking, behaviour and habits that leaders will need in order to successfully navigate the unfolding future.

This completely updated and revised edition, for the 2020s, adds new insights gained from the work the authors have done with many leaders since they first published this book. It’s more practical, picks up key issues that leaders are dealing with, and even more clearly shows the path leaders need to follow to be successful in these turbulent times.

This book offers multiple frameworks and searching questions – the type that smart leaders ask (of themselves and others) in order to engage one’s thinking and shape one’s actions.

Keith and Graeme have drawn on their extensive global experience, having worked with executive and senior leaders across multiple industries, as well as with those tasked with the design and delivery of leadership programmes. Leading in a Changing World brings all this together and offers a rich tapestry of both breadth and depth as an essential resource for your own leadership journey.

If you’re a leader, or someone who aspires to lead, this book is for you.

Unleashing your Greatness

By Buhle Dlamini 

Are you ready to take your life and work to a new level of greatness? Do you need practical, step by step keys to help you tap into your personal greatness? Do you want keys to take your leadership and your organisation to greatness?

Buhle Dlamini shares 5 proven keys to unleashing your greatness. His book will guide you in how to:

1. Stand out and Be Who You Be

2. Live Your Values Courageously

3. Pursue Excellence

4. Unleash A Winning Attitude and

5. Create Your Own Future


This book will be your guide! Unleash your greatness today.

Future Proof Your Kids for the 2020s and Beyond

By Graeme Codrington & Nikki Bush

This century is characterised by disruptive change that is turning our world upside down. Jobs aren’t just changing, entire industries are ceasing to exist. The scripts for success and failure are being rewritten on a daily basis in our families, at work and in life.

Do parents know who and what their children need to be, let alone what they might be able to do, in the future world of work?

Future Proof Your Kids for the 2020s and Beyond doesn’t just paint a picture of what the future might hold, but provides frameworks and practical advice for what parents can do today in order to build solid foundations for their children in order to maximise their chances of success. Children who are equipped with the right sets of skills, attitudes and world views will remain relevant and able to take advantage of future opportunities.

This book is an invaluable guide for parents who wish to create realistic and relevant parenting goals that will set their children up to thrive, no matter what awaits them in the future. It is aimed at anyone involved in raising children primarily from birth to age twelve, including grandparents, educators, support teams and extended family. However, it remains an insightful handbook for those with teens too.

Mind the Gap

By Graeme Codrington & Sue Grant-Marshall

In short, this book aims to promote understanding between the different generations. This is vitally important in all of our relationships, but especially in the workplace. Application chapters focus attention on: work, marketing and advertising, leadership, teamwork, finances, parenting, education and training, “retirement”, travel, politics, faith, health, and home. Still a best selling book, with five star reviews!

Why Read It? 

  • Gives a detailed introduction to understanding generations.
  • A thick book (over 400 pages), but easy to read format.
  • Apply generations to many different contexts, from family to work, and advertising to teaching.
  • Fun: lots of interesting and unexpected fact boxes and “top ten” type lists.
  • Prescribed reading for many workplaces and schools.

Quest: Competitive Advantage and the Art of Leadership in the 21st Century

By Dean van Leeuwen

This book uses powerful stories to inspire leaders to embark on their own “world changing” quests. It offers a practical framework to assist with designing and develop strategies that deliver meaningful change. It is written for those leaders who seek to achieve competitive advantage and deliver meaningful benefits to customers, employees and society.

There is an enormous problem. Today most organisations focus more on making money over making a difference. As a result, in the race for improved quarterly results, industry after industry is being rocked by one scandal after the next. 

The good news is there is a new type of leader who is dreaming big and embarking on quests to change the world for the better. These leaders are disrupting industries with unprecedented speed and being rewarded with competitive advantage and market leadership. In Quest, author and strategist, Dean van Leeuwen offers unique insights into this emerging leadership mindset as well as a powerful framework for being a strategic and successful leader in this century.

Everything I Know About Leadership I Learnt From the Kids

By Keith Coats

“Can I drive the car?” is a familiar refrain for most parents. But in dealing with this issue of control, trust and training, is there a lesson to be learnt, a lesson that can be applied by leaders in the business environment?

Leadership expert Keith Coats thinks so, and has written a witty and instructive book that draws on everyday events in the life of his family, pointing out how these experiences translate into important lessons in leadership. Whether they are issues of control or communication, inspiration or loyalty, or simply getting through the tough times, Coats explores the universal lessons we learn as parents and shows how to apply them in the boardroom, the office or the factory.

Why Read It? 

  • Each chapter is a new story, followed by leadership lessons.
  • Easy to read, hard to put down.
  • Remarkable leadership lessons and insights.
  • Can be used with your team, your family or just by yourself, to help you reflect on your own leadership style and developmental journey.
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