GameThis morning I took my daughter into a computer store (click here) near to where I live. Our objective was to buy a PayStation 2 game suitable for a 5 year old. It was the first time I’d been in this particular store, and was really impressed with the layout and merchandising. It also had one of the biggest collection of PlayStation games I’d seen. (also keep in mind that PSP was launched in South Africa this weekend)
When I asked the company rep standing next to the games if he was the PlayStation Game Guru? He said it was his department. I then asked him for a game for my 5 year old daughter, and he confessed that he didn’t play PlayStation games. All his games where PC games, and that I’d be hard pressed finding someone in the store who could help with info on PlayStation games for 5 yearl olds.
So we ended up buying a game with the little bit of wisdom and intellegence available between the 3 of us. Turns out it’s a pretty shoddy game and neither I nor my 5 year old daughter are impressed.
Nothing left to add. It’s pretty self evident what my next paragraph might say….

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