In this episode Graeme and Buhle delve further into the topic of organisational design and what is essential in order to build successful and effective businesses at this moment in time, as well as being ready for the future.

Graeme interviews adaptive leadership expert, Keith Coats, about how business leaders can achieve competitive advantage. In the industrial era, an organisation’s efficiency is what set them apart, but as we move further into the 21st century we are entering a more relational, connection economy. Keith and Graeme discuss why there has been a shift toward meaningful relationships both inside and outside of organisations, and how navigating the connection economy can be leveraged to gain competitive advantage.

Graeme and Buhle discuss the practicalities of becoming bionic and what that means for leaders and organisational structures. Graeme interviews psychologist and author, Tamryn Batcheller-Adams, about her book Mavericks: How Bold Leadership Changes the World.

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by Graeme Codrington and Buhle Dlamini | The TomorrowToday Podcast - Episode 3

Is the way our businesses operate today geared towards the future of our industries or the past that no longer serves us? What parts of our businesses need transformation and how will we go about making the required changes? And what does that actually look like in our leadership structures, in organisational design, and the agendas of our executive teams?

These are some of the questions covered in this episode of The TomorrowToday Podcast.

Resources discussed in this episode:

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Graeme Codrington and Buhle Dlamini are partners in the Strategic Insights firm, TomorrowToday Global, and both have a passion for the future of work and people. They help teams and organisations to prepare for the challenges of an ever-changing world.
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