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Episode 1 of The TomorrowToday Podcast.

We’re thrilled to announce that you can finally listen to our brand new podcast, The TomorrowToday Podcast. Episode 1 is live now!

Our first episode introduces the concept of an ‘era shift’ and explores seven major disruptive forces that will redefine the 2020s and beyond. Graeme and Buhle discuss the fact that in order to be adaptable, leaders need to adopt an opportunity mindset in terms of how they approach change and disruption.

It’s a must-listen for anyone eager to stay ahead of the curve! Have a listen and subscribe here…


Living and working with purpose in a transforming world by Deloitte.

Now in its 13th year, Deloitte’s 2024 Gen Z and Millennial Survey connected with nearly 23,000 respondents across 44 countries, examining the evolving circumstances shaping the workplace and the societal experiences of these generations globally.

The study found that increasingly these generations stay true to their values as they navigate a rapidly changing world. Read the article here… or download the 2024 Gen Z and Millennial Survey.


What are the opportunities available to you in deep disruptive change?

Discover how to turn disruption into your advantage with insights from The TomorrowToday Podcast. Tune in to explore strategies for navigating and thriving in the midst of rapid change. 🔗 Watch here…


A reminder from my friend Jack… by Keith Coats

Listen to Keith’s story about the Jack Principle. “Say what you think, but in doing that don’t be rude in how you say it. Invite others into conversation with you by how you engage with them.”


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