This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skills required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


Building Bionic Business: Creating High Performing Organisations of the Future.

As technology advances, successful organisations will harness both human potential and the power of AI to thrive. Bionic Businesses blend human intelligence with artificial intelligence, enhancing decision-making, collaboration, and adaptability.

Feeling overwhelmed by AI? Start your journey at your own pace. Read this recent article by Buhle Dlamini to learn more about building a bionic organisation.


What Does it Mean to be Adaptive?

Join Keith Coats on a journey through the four key characteristics identified by marine biologists Gunderson and Holling as the DNA of adaptive intelligence. From embracing change and uncertainty to the crucial role of learning, activating difference, and the surprising power of relinquishing control, this discussion will reshape your understanding of what it means to be adaptive. Watch here…


Are You Developing Skills That Won’t Be Automated?

An article by Stephen M. Kosslyn from Harvard Business Review.

The jobs that are likely to be automated are repetitive and routine. They range from reading X-rays, to truck driving, to stocking a warehouse. In this context, employers say that they’re seeking candidates who have other sorts of “soft skills,” such as being able to learn adaptively, to make good decisions, and to work well with others.

These are the skills that are hardest to understand and systematise, and the skills that give — and will continue to give — humans an edge over robots. Read the full article here.


What does the future of business look like? | The TomorrowToday Podcast.

Buhle discusses why we think being bionic, anti-fragile, and business as a force for good – amongst other similar concepts – are all essential elements of building a business that will make the most of the rest of this decade and be successful into the 2030s. More insights coming soon on our podcast.


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