This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skills required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


Imagine This… The End of Middle Management (for real) by BCG.

At TomorrowToday, we believe in a Bionic future – where technology augments human work, rather than automates or replaces it. But, if there are jobs that could (and maybe even should) be removed from corporates, it’s middle management.

BCG has a wonderful “Imagine If…” series, and here’s one about the end of middle managers.


ThrowForward Thursday: Introducing The TomorrowToday Podcast.

The TomorrowToday Podcast – a new podcast launched by the TomorrowToday team, focusing on mapping the future of business.

The podcast builds on years of research about the future of work, providing insights on themes like leadership, organisational design, strategic imagination, and adapting to disruption. Watch Graeme’s latest video here.

Our episodes will help businesses prepare for the next five years and beyond, offering strategies to not only survive but thrive amidst ongoing changes.


4 Things You Can Do to Develop Greater Adaptive Capacity in Your Team by Keith Coats.

Now more than ever, the leadership challenge is ensuring that your organisation and team has a deep capacity for adaptability. It is ensuring that adaptability is part of your very DNA as you navigate the volatile, uncertain and complex future that is emerging.

Here are four ways to do it: diagnose adaptive challenges, decide what to keep or discard, reduce dependency on authority, and create productive tension.


Join Graeme on his upcoming live call for his Futures Club members on Monday 27th May at 1pm SAST/CET | 12pm UK | 7am New York.

It’ll be an hour spent on our teams’ research report on “The Great Grey Elephants” (available in the Futures Club) – where Graeme will summarise the 7 disruptors (what we call the grey elephants), followed by the strategic questions each of them raises. There will be some time at the end of the call for some discussion and questions.

The replay will be made available for the members who can’t join the live call. Anyone who wants to join the call (and access a growing library of resources for future focused leaders) can sign up here for just $14.95 monthly (and cancel any time).


When Not to Use Generative AI.

An interesting read from Gardner discussing the best use cases and limitations of AI in organisations. GenAI is fantastic for the things it does well, and quite bad at everything else! We need to know the difference. Discover more on when to use GenAI — and when to go in another direction here…


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