We’re going to be launching Episode 1 of The TomorrowToday Podcast very soon but today we want to give you a little taste of what you can expect from our podcast.

Here’s a 10-minute teaser episode from your hosts, Buhle Dlamini and Graeme Codrington, mapping the future of business.

We will be exploring some of the key questions about the future of business and discussing the different skills and strategies that effective and successful leaders will need in order to ensure that their organisations are ready for the future.

Join Graeme and Buhle, and our guests host, to learn more about why being bionic, anti-fragile, and a force for good – amongst other similar concepts – are all essential elements of building a business that will make the most of the rest of this decade and be successful into the 2030s.

Each episode will be filled with sense making frameworks, examples from the work we’ve done with our most forward-thinking clients, and practical ideas you can implement in your own organisations immediately.

Our first full episode is launching on June 4th so be sure to subscribe to ‘The TomorrowToday podcast’ wherever you normally listen to your podcasts.

We’d also really appreciate if you could leave a review or give us a rating at any stage as this really helps us boost the podcast so we can reach new listeners and continue to help leaders and teams around the world to be better prepared for what the future throws our way.

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Graeme Codrington and Buhle Dlamini are partners in the Strategic Insights firm, TomorrowToday Global, and both have a passion for the future of work and people. They help teams and organisations to prepare for the challenges of an ever-changing world.
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