This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skills required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


How We See: Understanding Our Lenses to Understand Our World.

Read Keith’s recent article on how the world we interact with everyday is shaped by who we are and our own lenses and biases. If the world we understand is informed by who we are and what we know, we should endeavour to diversify the knowledge we have, the people with whom we work and interact in order to expand our worlds to include more than just our preconceived beliefs. Read the full article here.


Are you looking for a keynote presentation for your upcoming event?

Our team’s keynote titled ‘Anti Fragility’ may be just what you’re looking for: In an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, leaders must focus on cultivating antifragility in their teams and organisations.

By encouraging a culture of learning, building decentralised systems, embracing diversity, developing a strong feedback culture, and planning for the unexpected, leaders can help their teams and organisations withstand adversity and grow stronger and more capable in the face of challenges.

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Building Future Fitness with Keith Coats.

Explore some of the practical tools that we use at TomorrowToday to help our clients develop their future fitness, become more adaptable, and build the capacity to understand the meaning of change.

✅ Scanning the Horizon

✅ Get Off the Dance Floor

✅ Curiosity Conversations

✅ Ask Better Questions

✅ Learn to Rethink

You can watch the video here and if you’d like to delve into more detail or chat about which tools might be best for your organisation or business, connect with us today.


ThrowForward Thursday: Downloading data directly to our brains.

Imagine a future where learning is effortless, with neural transfers doing the heavy lifting of data intake! This week, Graeme explores how when the boring parts of learning are automated, our brains can focus on what they do best: creativity, problem-solving, and innovation.

The future is bionic: a world where humans and machines collaborate, leveraging their strengths to propel us forward. Watch this week’s episode here.


Implementing generative AI with speed and safety.

The biggest concern for most companies implementing AI is the risks associated with it. But equally, being slow to implement generative AI into your organisation carries another risk: being left behind. This article from McKinsey looks at the balance that needs to be struck.


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