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The Last Straw: Envisioning a Future Without Plastic.

While greenhouse gas emissions soared to record highs, wildfires ravaged continents, and glaciers wept as they melted, a stark truth emerged – ignoring sustainable practices and innovation isn’t just an environmental misstep, it’s a gamble with the very survival of businesses and economies.

But there is an alternative future.

A future where we’ve found and utilised sustainable alternatives that enrich, rather than harm, our planet. There is a future where humanity takes decisive steps to phase out plastic, combat pollution, and restore ecological balance.

But this will only happen if we learn to expand our strategic imagination. Read the full article here.


Mastering Leadership in the 21st Century: Leading in a Changing World.

Discover how this book, co-authored with Graeme Codrington, continues to offer invaluable insights for navigating today’s complex business landscape. Connect with us today to start the conversation on mastering leadership in a changing world. Watch Keith’s recent video here.


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After the Bell: AI is going to break the internet. Great! by Tim Cohen

In this article, from the Daily Maverick, Cohen discusses how the content we feed AI tools will determine how impressive they become.

“…what ChatGPT is doing is taking as much digitised knowledge that can be fed to it, averaging it out, massaging it a bit, and feeding it back to you. The fact that it does is just miraculous; the fact that it does it so fast (think seconds) is incredible.

But in the long term, it’s only as good as the content it analyses. And that content is often going to be contested, possibly from mediocre sources, and is always going to be historic. The result is that it’s feeding back content, which is better than average, but worse than good — and nowhere near excellent.”

Read the full article to get Cohen’s business reflections and more.


ThrowForward Thursday: Digital Democracy 2052

Imagine casting your vote with just a tap on your mobile and finding out the election results instantly! Gone are the days of the lengthy six-week cycles. In 2052, here’s one day, one moment where everybody pauses, does their duty, takes their responsibility as a citizen of the world’s largest democracy, casts their votes, and then we get on with it because we have the results immediately available.

What do you think about this fast-paced election system? As we look at this futuristic scenario, let’s discuss how embracing a digital-first approach can transform not only politics but also how businesses interact with us today. Join Graeme and watch this week’s video here.


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