This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skills required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


It’s Earth Month and we’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet.

In an era where the environmental crisis demands immediate and collective action, the role of businesses in spearheading sustainable and ethical practices has never been more crucial. TomorrowToday Consulting and TomorrowToday Global are proud to lead by example, embracing our partnership with “1% for the Planet” as a significant milestone in our sustainability journey.
Read more here.


Bionic Business: The Future of People and Work.

When we hear the word “bionic”, images of Ironman from the Marvel films flood our minds as we think of humans with superhuman capabilities powered by bionic limbs and mechanical energy cores. While this may very well be a vision of what a bionic future looks like for humans, a much closer reality is already here.

Organisations are realising the need to become more bionic to stay competitive. The pandemic accelerated this transformation, pushing us to innovate faster than ever before.

Read more in this week’s article by Buhle Dlamini on how bionic companies are shaping the future of work and how to stay relevant.


Your Strategic Imagination Toolkit.

In a world of constant, disruptive change it is more important than ever to develop strategic imagination – not just in your senior leaders but in everyone, everywhere in your business.

Access 2 FREE scenarios from our Strategic Imagination Toolkit designed to help you paint a picture of possible future events. We include a short video for extra context, together with a practical discussion guide to help you and your team explore the implications of each scenario in more detail.

Helping you to develop your strategic imagination to consider the implications for your team and organisation today. Grab those 2 free scenarios here.


ThrowForward Thursday: Future Experiments in Government.

As we watch elections in 2024 spanning nearly 70 countries and 4.2 billion people, one thing is clear: the current systems are not working. Voters are not happy and have little enthusiasm for the politicians they can choose between (if they have any real choices at all).

Join Graeme in the future and consider four ‘ridiculous ideas’ for new approaches to Parliaments and Governments. We need to stretch our strategic imaginations in an effort to come up with new political systems. Watch this week’s episode here.


Businesses and the climate crisis: The imperative to act.

As April is World Earth Month, we believe it is imperative for businesses to contribute meaningfully to the planet’s health. We can’t ignore the climate crisis – we can’t brush it off and say that we will deal with it tomorrow. We must take action now.

Read this article from Fast Company for three ideas that your business could consider in the fight against climate disaster.


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