This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skills required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


How AI could save (not destroy) education by Jude Foulston / Future Smart Teacher

In our latest article, Jude Foulston, founder of Future Smart Parent, talks about how AI can transform our classrooms, empowering teachers to focus on deep learning and critical human skills. Read the full article here.

Get in touch with Jude to find out more about her workshop ‘A.I. Made Easy for Teachers’. It’s a great starting point for schools wanting to introduce their teachers to AI. The workshop is filled with practical and positive demonstrations for bringing ChatGPT into your learning environments to enhance both teaching and learning and can be customised to suit your school’s requirements.


Dator’s Second Law of Futures with Keith Coats

In this video, Keith explores the significance of Dator’s Second Law for leaders navigating an uncertain future. By adopting a mindset geared towards adaptation and innovation, and embracing ridiculous ideas that push us out of our comfort zones and into the unknown, leaders can position themselves and their organisations to not only survive but thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Get in touch with Keith to explore practical strategies to navigate the unpredictable landscape ahead and seize opportunities for growth and success.


ThrowForward Thursday: Water Wars

Using the scenarios eBook Water scarcity is becoming a critical issue globally. As the world gets more and more water stressed, those who control water supplies in rivers, lakes, and dams, will exercise more power and restrict access to water to those downstream. This could lead to conflict – legal and physical – that is both internal and crosses national boundaries. Some countries may even use the need for water as a reason to invade a neighbour.

Individuals, businesses, and nations need to prioritise water security. We cannot live without water. Watch this week’s episode now.


Graeme Codrington’s Futures Club

Most of our clients know that they need to be intentional about preparing for the future, that their organisations need to be adaptable, and that disruption is here to stay…

And that’s what Graeme’s Futures Club is here to help you with: intentionally curated resources to help you keep your eye on the future, together with the practical resources to use with your team today.

For just $14.95 you can get practical weekly resources to help you think like a futurist so that you are equipped to scan the horizon of your industry and spot the trends, cycles, patterns and systems that will impact you and your organisation in the near future.

Monthly resources for our Silver members including curated articles on topics that Graeme believes leaders should have their fingers on the pulse on, practical tools to use with your teams AND get access to our Strategic Imagination Toolkit which has 25 Future Scenarios and discussion guidelines to help you and your team develop your strategic imagination.
As well as our monthly calls where you have live access to Graeme to ask questions, network with other leaders and stay ahead. Sign up here.

🔥 Our next live call with Graeme is on Tuesday, 26th March at 7pm SAST where he’ll be using one of the future scenarios from the Strategic Imagination Toolkit with the members who join the call. It’s going to be a great discussion to engage in, and will further demonstrate how you can use this resource with your own team to develop their strategic imaginations.

We’ll be using either the ‘Lab-Grown Meat: Real meat, but not from animals.’ or the ‘Restaurants with no menus.’ future scenario – our members still have a day or so to vote on which one they want!

You can cancel your membership at anytime, no questions asked, so why not join us for the call on Tuesday night for just $14.95 and you can decide whether this is a resource worth adding to your leadership toolkit…


Organisational health is (still) key for long term performance

In this article, McKinsey researchers reiterate the degree to which organisational health is not just nice to have; it’s required for sustained performance and organisational success.

Organisational health refers to how effectively leaders “run the place”—that is, how they make decisions, allocate resources, operate day to day, and lead their teams with the goal of delivering high performance, both near term and over time. This article talks about leadership, data and technology, and talent management as well as several principles for building or maintaining organizational health over time—something that leaders often tell us they have limited time and resources to do. You can read the full article here.


You’re welcome to contact us for more information on how we can partner with you. Our global team of futurists can assist through our sought after keynote presentations, facilitated workshops and strategy sessions to help you and your team face the future with confidence. Let’s start the conversation…

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