In this video sketch, Apple stages a conversation between Tim Cook and Mother Nature. Of course, it punts Apple’s decarbonisation credentials and commitments for 2030, but still, it’s a wonderful demonstration of what big business can do to be a sustainable force of nature. The hope is that this is not just a sketch…

Watch it here…


By acknowledging and addressing our environmental impact, corporations can avoid contributing to a legacy of ecological damage and instead be part of a collective movement towards sustainability, resilience and a world of innovation and opportunities.

But to genuinely secure a future for all, including the very businesses that drive our global economy, it’s imperative that corporate leaders move beyond mere greenwashing. Reaching truly sustainable practices is not just a ‘trend,’ but necessitates action.

The stark reality is that without a sincere commitment to true sustainability—where actions match words—businesses jeopardise not only the future of their operations but the future of our planet.

We must embrace sustainable practices, building on the inspiring solutions already evident, while fostering innovation to navigate these challenges and secure a resilient future for our planet.

The challenge is daunting, but the opportunity to forge a resilient, sustainable future is within our grasp.

1% for the Planet

We want to highlight an organisation that we’ve partnered with who are working hard to help businesses take responsibility and give back for the use of our planet’s resources. 1% for the Planet was founded by Yvon Chouinard, the iconic founder of Patagonia, with the goal of uniting businesses, non-profits, and individuals in a shared commitment to protect and enhance the natural environment.

Their mission is to accelerate smart environmental giving and prevent greenwashing.

Big Business & Sustainability

By acknowledging and addressing their environmental impact, corporations can avoid contributing to a legacy of ecological damage and instead be part of a collective movement toward sustainability and resilience. You can read more here about how 1% for the Planet Impact Fund is working on these solutions around the world.

By pledging 1% of our annual revenue to great social and environmental causes, we at TomorrowToday Consulting and TomorrowToday Global are joining this global movement to make a tangible difference. This partnership signifies not just a financial commitment, but a reflection of our core ethos to integrate sustainability into all aspects of our operations and consultancy and speaking services. We encourage other businesses and individuals to join this transformative movement.

True Sustainability: Moving Big Business Beyond the Green Facade

Visit for more information on 1% for the Planet.

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