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Intelligent Advances: Navigating the Rapid Advancements in Technology, AI, and Automation

As people look around, they can see we are living in an era of rapid technological evolution, marked by ‘intelligent advancements.’ This Grey Elephant, Intelligent Assistance/Advancements, presents an exciting opportunity to redefine work around uniquely human qualities like creativity, critical thinking, and social intelligence, paving the way for a future where humans and technology thrive in synergy. Read Dean van Leeuwen’s recent article here.


The Reverse Bicycle Experiment

Discover why simply declaring new behaviours isn’t enough when it comes to unlearning deeply entrenched management and leadership practices. Join Keith as he tells the story behind his unconventional experiment, of riding a reverse-engineered bicycle where turning the handlebars to the right makes the wheel go left. It’s a tale of curiosity, determination, and the courage to practice unlearning again and again. You can watch his short video here.


Throw Forward Thursday: AI Selected Life-Partner

Would you trust an AI-driven algorithm to help choose your life partner? If people were honest about the data they entered into these systems, and genuine in their desire to find a true life-partner match, this would definitely be an improvement on the basically random, luck-based matches so many of us rely on. Join Graeme in exploring the future of romance in this week’s episode!


Mind-blowing creations from Sora, the new text-to-video model from OpenAI

Granted, these videos are not flawless, and we understand this presents complex challenges. However, as text-to-video is refined and enhanced, we predict that people will view the launch of Sora as a pivotal milestone in the Intelligence Advances Grey Elephant. When actor’s express concerns about being replaced by AI in big studios, it appears they may not be seeing the bigger picture. It’s not just the actors at risk; AI has the potential to transform the entire studio model.

Imagine a future where the storyteller doesn’t just write the narrative but also directs the film, plays the roles, and even handles the cinematography. The possibilities are staggering. Consider the impact of these Intelligent Advances on your business and the way you convey your stories.

Take a look at this 10 minutes of mind blowing creations from Sora, the new text-to-video model from OpenAI.


Graeme Codrington’s Futures Club – Live monthly call

Join Graeme Codrington on Monday, as he hosts his live monthly call with his Silver and Gold Futures Club members. Next week, he’ll be sharing fascinating insights into using data analytics and what we can learn from an ancient myth about seeing into the future. There will also be time for Q&A / discussions.

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