Would you trust an AI-driven algorithm to help choose your life partner? If people were honest about the data they entered into these systems, and genuine in their desire to find a true life-partner match, this would definitely be an improvement on the basically random, luck-based most of us rely on.

Join me in exploring the future of romance in this week’s ThrowForward Thursday episode!


Would you trust an AI system to choose your life partner for you to choose who you should marry?

Well, welcome to ThrowForward Thursday. My name is Graeme Codrington and every week we jump into the future and we see what’s going on there. And I really do believe that a lot of people are going to start relying on technology to find their life mate to their sole partner for life.

Why do I believe that? Not because I think the current dating apps are the way to go. Those are just looking for hookups and dates and are designed basically to go on first impressions and look, swipe left, swipe right, and off you go. But I think that if people are serious about looking for a long-term relationship with somebody who matches them, not is the perfect mirror of them, but based on data and research into what makes marriages and life partnerships work, what makes people happy in those relationships, which ways people complement each other and can live their lives together.

Then I think the data that would come out of a global survey and global research into that would be fascinating. And if you were then prepared to be exceptionally honest about who you are and what you’re looking for, why wouldn’t you let an algorithm help you to search not just the suburb you live in or the social clubs you belong to, but search the world to find your perfect match and introduce and connect you? Why not?

Maybe in the future we’ll have not just dating apps, but soulmate matching apps and we’ll discover that AI arranged marriages are not as bad as they might sound at first.

Thank you as always for joining me in the future. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s scary, sometimes just thought provoking, but always worth it. I’ll see you next week in the future again.



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