This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skills required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


10 Breakthrough Technologies 2024

Every year MIT looks for promising technologies poised to have a real impact on the world. Here are the advances that they think matter most right now. Including AI for everything, solar power, and geothermal systems. Let us know what you think about these technologies.


The Importance of Unlearning

We cannot afford to get stuck in our stubbornness. We will get left behind. Keith’s article on the Importance of Unlearning considers how we might avoid getting left behind, specifically focusing on ways we can unlearn and relearn. We need to be a bit bolder in reaching out, in exploring, and in being more curious. We need to be willing to ask questions, explore the ‘why’ behind the behaviours and actions we don’t understand and listen more attentively – a listening to understand rather than to reply. Read the full article here.


ThrowForward Thursday: Workplace Monitoring

In the future, we will use smart devices and even implants to monitor our every move, maybe even our thoughts too. How will we use this data? It could be for Big Brother style management of our lives, or it could be for our benefit and wellbeing. That will be up to us.

This week’s video is actually not a prediction about the future, but rather a scenario that Graeme sets up to help us think about what we should be doing in our world and our workplaces now. Watch it now.


3 Essential Keys for Culturally Intelligent Leadership

There are three crucial elements that real leaders need in order to foster cultural intelligence and build an inclusive workplace.

Buhle talks about these 3 keys in his video: diversity isn’t a checkbox – we need to build authentic inclusion and belonging into our teams. We also need to overcome unconscious biases to become more inclusive. The final key from Buhle is all about how to develop Cultural Intelligence skills that will help us to navigate cultural differences effectively and get the best out of our teams.


Environment | Mother Nature

A wonderful video conversation between Tim Cook and Mother Nature. Of course, it punts Apple’s decarbonisation credentials and commitments, still, it’s a wonderful demonstration of what big business can do to be a sustainable force of nature. Watch it here…


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