Today’s insights are brought to you by my colleague and Future of People expert Buhle Dlamini.


As we move into 2024, it’s important for leaders to recognise the ways that things are changing and how these changes impact how we need to lead, do business and build our companies.

In this decade of disruption, our team has identified 5 key elements that we suggest leaders need to keep a close eye on:


1. Technology – we need to consider how technological shifts impact us in our various industries and fields, what effect these disruptions will have on the future of your work and how to most effectively leverage technological advancements.

2. Institutional change – we need to acknowledge that the ways things work, the ways that we do things, and entire systems are in flux. How will these institutional shifts affect us on individual and organisational levels?

3. Demographics – the makeup of the marketplace and the workplace will impact how we work and how we lead. What does leadership look like when working with millennials versus working with boomers?

4. Environment – the way that we do business and the ways we work can have a huge impact on the environment. We need to be implementing more environmentally conscious business practices to ensure we are building a sustainable future for everyone.

5. Societal values – there’s no denying that shifting societal values heavily impact the ways that business and work are done. We need to be considering the ways that society and culture impact our businesses and how we can be active participants in building the kinds of values that benefit society.


You can develop these insights through regular analysis of your environment, strategic conversations throughout your organisation, with all of your people, and helping each of them discover their personal role in achieving the company’s strategy. Their understanding of the strategic landscape is essential for problem solving, creativity, innovation, and proactively identifying opportunities and threats in your industry and market.

If you’re interested in learning more about these disruptions, and how best to adapt so that your organisations and teams can leverage these shifts, then connect with us today.

Contact us to book this keynote presentation, and don’t forget that Buhle will be in South Africa in February, so if you’re looking for a way to lead your team into the new year with ease and confidence, this would be a great keynote, and time to do so.


The way we think about people working together in organisations continues to change. We need to apply new ways of thinking about all aspects of people working together: Teamwork, Organisational Culture, Belonging, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. That’s what the future of people is about!

Buhle Dlamini is an expert on the Future of People, helping organizations unleash the greatness of their people through keynotes, workshops and tailored engagements.



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