This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skill required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


4 questions to make leading and learning more effective – There are so many important questions for us to ask. And there are often great answers to come from them. That said, unlike the chicken-or-egg conundrum, it is clear that questions need to come first. The answer, while powerful, will only foster more effective leading and learning when the question asked has been well-designed. Read the full article here…

ThrowForward Thursday: Episode 127. We need new ways to generate energy – methods that don’t damage and deplete the resources of our planet. In this episode, we look at two very interesting ideas: ocean thermal and space farm energy sources. You can watch it here.

Buhle breaks down the process of unleashing your greatness into five essential keys:

1. Be Who You Be: This emphasizes finding what sets you apart, your unique qualities, and distinctions.
2. Pursuing Excellence: Good enough is not good enough. Discover the importance of aiming for excellence in all your endeavours.
3. Living Your Values: Learn how values aren’t just words on paper; they are the core of your behaviour and actions.
4. Unleash That Winning Attitude: Your mindset and how you show up daily play a significant role in distinguishing you from others.
5. Creating the Future: Understand that seizing opportunities when they arise is crucial to unlocking your greatness.

Watch his short video here on Unleashing your Greatness and contact us to book Buhle’s keynote for your team or organization. Buhle delivers virtually and also travels between North America and South Africa for in-person events.

Uncertainty: The New Uncomfortable Terrain for Leaders – And All of Us!

To lead into the future means that leaders need to understand and embrace uncertainty. Looking for certainty in today’s context is to cripple the thinking that is required and to limit the options to be explored. Navigating the future will mean that as a leader you will have to be comfortable with prevailing uncertainty.

That is just the way it is.

Read Keith’s most recent LinkedIn article to see his tips for navigating uncertainty with confidence.

• 22 years ago, we started our company with the goal of helping people prepare for the future, anticipate disruption and develop people, teams and leaders who could build a better world in which we can all live and work. We called our company “Tomorrow Today” – emphasising the need to imagine the future while at the same time doing something today.

This is Graeme’s 100th video in his Tour Guide to the Future series, and it’s serendipity that lets him record it overlooking the Tomorrow Today Exhibit at The Museum of the Future while attending the Dubai Futures Forum 2023. Still doing what he loves; still developing our team’s capabilities to do what we do; and still passionate about tomorrow’s world today.


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