In the past few episodes of ThrowForward Thursday, we’ve looked at a variety of technology tools that allow you to create digital versions of humans. Today, we look at three ways you can use these technologies in your businesses today (or at least, start experimenting with them in 2024).

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Watch this short teaser video to understand what it means to build bionic businesses.


Welcome to Episode 125 of Throw Forward Thursday, where every week we jump into the future and find out what’s going on there and what it means for us today. My name is Graeme Codrington, and today we’re talking about building bionic businesses. Bionic, If you’re as old as I am, maybe that label is familiar.

In the 1970s, one of the smash hit TV shows was Lee Major, as the $6 million man. I think that’s probably a billion dollars in today’s money. The idea was that this was a guy, I forget his background, I think he was in the military and he was injured, and then they built robotic parts into him.

Never quite understood how it worked because one of his legs was robotic and one was human and he never fell over and he never ran around in circles, but he could run very, very fast. That is the genesis of the concept of bionic, the concept of ensuring that we are not thinking of AI and robotics and technology as replacing humans, but rather integrating with humans.

Now, over the last few weeks and Throw Forward Thursday, we’ve been looking at things like Digital-ID and Replika of you, a digital version of you in the system, the use of generative AI, and so on.

And what I’m going to do this week, is I’m going to talk about three important ways that businesses can become bionic. Not can become, I think need to become, and three ways in which businesses can innovate and experiment, literally, in 2024, because I think it’s that close to being a reality.

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