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NFTs Are Now Almost Worthless: Here Are 5 Reasons Why They Didn’t Work.

A Non-Fungible Token is a piece of code on a computer that exists in a fashion similar to that of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Like any object, physical or digital, an NFT is only worth what someone will pay to own it. And now, they’re almost worthless. You can read the full article here. We would add a sixth reason to why NFTs didn’t work: They took a “real world” issue (ownership of a physical asset) and dumped it into the virtual world without realising just how different “digital” actually is. Don’t make the same mistake with the digital tools you’re developing.

“What is a Futurist?” – Being a ‘futurist’ doesn’t mean I’m able to predict the future by gazing into a crystal ball.

Succinctly put, being a futurist means that you “intentionally build the capacity to see the implications and meaning of change.” Of course, there are more impressive definitions than this one but for us at TomorrowToday, this is the one that makes sense and is easy to both explain and understand. There are several nuances to this simple statement. To read Keith’s full breakdown, go to the article here.

• The latest podcast episode from our Future Smart Parent team is available. Jude dives into an enlightening conversation with Naomi Holdt, the author of “Bounce: How to Raise Resilient Kids and Teens.”

Discover essential strategies and insights on cultivating resilience in young minds, ensuring they thrive in a constantly evolving world. This episode is fascinating and if nothing else, it will remind you, as a parent, that you are not alone.⁠ Have a listen here.

How to Combat a Culture of False Urgency at Work – COVID has taught us very bad habits and given us an excuse to turn the workplace into what one of my clients this week called “a place where you can always feel the fire on your arse.”

It’s not fun. It’s not nice. It’s not clever, either. The secret to success in the next few years is how good middle and frontline managers are at translating the urgency of the strategy from the Executive team into workable team dynamics in their parts of the business. And, yes, “everything is not urgent”! Read the full article here. (Don’t forget, for teams who are feeling close to burnout, we’ve got a brilliant and holistic framework that provides practical solutions for recalibrating in times of disruption.

• Are you looking for the perfect speaker for your year-end function? A keynote that provides just the right amount of motivation for 2024, but also reminds your team of their unique greatness. Look no further – Buhle is running a special promotion on his brilliant ‘Unleashing your Greatness’ keynote and might be JUST what you’re looking for. More info here…


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