This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skill required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.


• Asking the right questions today will allow leaders to be better prepared for — and even gain insights from — uncertainty. Leaders need to hold the tension between two extremes: control on the one hand, and exploration on the other. A future-oriented mindset is one that accepts this paradox. Read more in this article on how to think productively about the future.

Don’t focus on “AI”, “IA” is better! When we talk about “AI”, it’s tempting to think it’s something that won’t affect you and your job in the immediate future. But what if, instead of “artificial intelligence” we rather think about “intelligent assistance” and how machines, algorithms, systems and robotic automations can assist us and our clients?

Watch this short video by Graeme Codrington about developing ways of bringing intelligence assistance into our workplace.

Forward Thinking on the brave new world of generative AI with Ethan Mollick – “I really worry that people are not taking this seriously enough … this fundamentally is going to be a shift in how we work and how we interact at a level that’s as big as anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.” A leading business school professor talks about why he thinks the technology underlying ChatGPT is so transformative that he is betting his career on it. Listen to the full podcast episode on Generative AI.

• In today’s rapidly changing work landscape, creating a workplace where employees feel a deep sense of inclusion and belonging is more vital than ever. In Buhle’s latest YouTube video, he reveals the keys to making your employees not just want to work for you, but to thrive in their roles. In this dynamic discussion, he explores three core practices: work/life support, mutual respect and team building.

By mastering these practices, you can build an inclusive and harmonious workplace that drives productivity, creativity, and satisfaction.

In this week’s episode of ThrowForward Thursday, Graeme talks about three ways to experiment at work – or more precisely: three essential categories of experimentation you need to specifically focus on to ensure you maximise innovation, creativity and future focus in yourself and your team.

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