This is ThrowForward Thursday’s second episode of Season 4 about three ways to experiment at work – or more precisely: three essential categories of experimentation you need to specifically focus on to ensure you maximise innovation, creativity and future focus in yourself and your team.

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Welcome to the future, my name is Graeme Codrington. This is ThrowForward Thursday and we are looking at Magic Materials. If you haven’t seen last week’s episode on Magic Materials, Gore-Tex, and playing around, just pause now and quickly go and have a look or a listen to that. Because I want to pick up the story and go a little bit deeper into looking at the three ways in which you should be experimenting.

There are three distinct categories of playing around, and that’s another way of talking about experimentation and digging into what you need to do as a business to come up with new ideas, innovative solutions, and new products and services that can unlock value for your business.

These three categories of playing around or experimentation are optimizing existing ideas, fortuitous discoveries, and genuine curiosity.

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