Season 4 of ThrowForward Thursday is here, and it’s going to be brilliant. We are going to focus on providing videos that you can use in your “Five Minutes from the Future” meetings, with discussion guides being made available to help you and your team apply the ideas to your businesses.


Come with me, come to the future with me. My name is Graeme Codrington, I’m a futurist. That doesn’t mean I can predict the future, but my job as a foresight professional, if that’s a better label for you, is to attempt to anticipate deep disruptive change and to help my clients to know what to do about it today.

This is Throw Forward Thursday. Every Thursday, I jump into the future, try and work out what’s going on there, and see what it means for us today. And this is the start of Season 4. We’ve been doing this for two years now, and Season 4, we’re going back to our roots.

I want to, in Season 4, help you a lot more carefully and clearly to do one of my best things, which is called Five Minutes from the Future. I recommend this to a lot of my clients, and that is that you take five minutes at the start of every week. The Monday morning team meeting that you have, take the first five minutes to jump into the future, to think about a significant disruptive force that’s going to impact your industry, think about the implications, two or three of them that might have on your team, and literally just keep it to five minutes. It’s like going to gym for your future-focused brain once a week, just getting into the habit of thinking about the future.

And in Season 4 of Throw Forward Thursday, we’re going to support you by giving you every second week, we’re going to give you a video that’s about three or four minutes long, and we’ve got some doosies lined up for you. The first few are about magic materials, new materials that are going to change the way we build buildings and the clothes that we wear. We’re going to be talking about the weirdest artificial intelligence system called Replika that can actually bring dead relatives back to life, or at least bring them back in a way where you can feel like you’re talking to them. I know, a little bit creepy, but we’ll talk about what it means and how we might use that technology.

We’re going to talk about car batteries that can recharge themselves in 10 minutes. That’s going to fix some of the EV car issues. We’re going to talk about the future of farming, the future of travel. That’s just the next few weeks. Very exciting stuff and our team has got a whole list of things lined up for the next six months of Season 4.

What we’re then going to do is we’re going to give you a discussion guide and if you think that this might be a news bulletin from the future, we’re going to give you a discussion guide that goes along with it that helps you to not just watch the video and see one of these trends that I’m talking about, but actually know how to take that and apply it to your industry. How might that particular trend play itself out in your workplace, in your life, and in your business?

So a lot more focused on giving you these short little sharp insights to the future and then unpacking the implications for today. As always, we thank you for coming along for the ride, the ride to the future, and then back to the present as we work out what we should be doing today. Make sure that you stay in touch.

The best way to watch Throw Forward Thursday is to do it on the YouTube channel. There’s a lot of graphics and images and we put a lot of time into putting some visual references. You, of course, can listen to it on our podcast called Graham Codrington’s Future of Work on any podcast channel that you’re on or on any of the social media channels.

But wherever you are, make sure that you like and subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you get reminded to join us in our Throw Forward Thursday studio every week. I’ll see you next week as we get going with Season 4.


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