Japan Airlines are starting an experiment where holiday makers going to Japan do not take any luggage with them, but instead rent their clothes for the holiday on arrival in Japan.

Would you be keen to try this?


You’re excited, you’ve been planning this holiday for a long time, and now the day is here. You’re going to Japan for a week’s holiday, and you know what you do to prepare? You do nothing. You don’t pack a bag, and you don’t worry about the clothes that you’re taking, because all of that is taken care of by Japan Airlines.

My name is Graeme Codrington, and welcome to the future. It’s ThrowForward Thursday again and come with me too, well, September 2023, when Japan Airlines is going to start a one-year trial in which people who are traveling to Japan on holiday, and I suppose on business as well, can hire a week’s worth of clothes in advance.

So, you get on the aeroplane, you don’t take any bags with you and when you arrive at your hotel, your selection of clothes is available. They’ve got a nice selection for you. You choose small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. You choose a range of casual, smart, and so on where. So, there’s a nice little formula that you’ve got and you pay the money, it ends up being roughly 30 or 40 dollars for a week, and you can extend it for a second week as well. And the clothes are all available in your hotel room on arrival. What a great idea.

Now, I realise some of you are a little bit more stylish than that, and some of you might think, oh, wearing somebody else’s clothes. Of course, you’re sleeping in a hotel in somebody else’s bed and maybe some of you don’t like that thought either. But when you get your head around it, when you get over it, and when you realise, well, maybe you didn’t need a fashion show on holiday, it’s certainly something worth thinking about.

And well, congratulations to Japan Airlines for at least experimenting with this in the next year and seeing whether people are interested in what the take up is. I like the idea.

Next week, we’re going to talk about why they might do it, what the benefits could be, and what we in our businesses can learn not only about the ESG implications but also about the X as a Service mindset.

But that’s next week. I’ll see you then.


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