Today’s insights are directed to the parents in our community – an invitation to our Future Smart Parent webinar hosted by Graeme Codrington, on “How Parents can Help their Kids and Teens Learn to Use ChatGPT to their Benefit.”


The webinar will take place today – Tuesday 28th Feb, 7pm SAST | 5pm UK and will be a fantastic opportunity for parents to get personalised insights and strategies on how to support their children in utilizing ChatGPT for their academic and personal growth.

As a large language model trained by OpenAI, ChatGPT has tremendous potential to aid learning and enhance critical thinking and analytical skills. During this webinar, Graeme Codrington, a renowned futurist, and co-author of ‘Future Proof your Child for the 2020s and beyond’, will share his insights and strategies on how parents can help their children and teenagers benefit from this, and other AI, innovative tools.

What’s unique about this webinar is that we have limited the number of participants to ensure each attendee can get personalised attention and insights from Graeme. This means that you can ask specific questions and get personalised guidance on how to help your child leverage ChatGPT to their benefit. We believe that this personalised approach will be more valuable to parents than a large-scale webinar that may not allow for such personal attention. (The webinar recording will of course be available for those who can’t attend the live session.)

To register for the webinar, please click on the following link, Future Smart Parent Webinar-ChatGPT for Parents

The investment is $27 to attend the webinar, or free for our Future Smart Club members who can still benefit from our founding member offer of just $7 monthly. (You’re welcome to cancel any time.)

Once registered, you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the zoom call. We encourage all parents to attend this intimate and personalised session with Graeme Codrington.



Thank you for your time, and we look forward to your participation in this exciting event.

P.S. – 90% of this email was written by ChatGPT. It took us 3 prompts, and some customisation to get the final version. Could you tell?

P.P.S. Let’s chat if you’d like Graeme to help your team with insights, strategy, and practical examples to help you identify how you can best use ChatGPT and other AI tools, ensuring that your organisation continues to adapt and thrive in the new world of work.


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