This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skill required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.

  • Moving Beyond Resilience to Conquer 2023: In this week’s insights, Graeme Codrington explains what this means, and why it is so important in this short video, Watch here.
  • Book Recommendation: Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Have a look here.
  • Why Global Supply Chains May Never Be the Same | A WSJ Documentary. Watch here.
  • If your brain was really ticking after watching Graeme Codrington’s Throw Forward Thursday episode 88 last week where he spoke about Smart Sleep and the implications that technology can have on this vital aspect of our health and wellbeing, then you’ll definitely want to access this week’s episode where he provides you with the HOW to apply this scenario to you work environment… You can watch that here.
  • Want to Change Your Life? Don’t Think One Year into the Future—Think 10. Read this Excerpt from the highly recommended book Imaginable by Jane McGonigal. Read here.

We’d love to have a conversation with you if any of the above topics resonate. Our team continues to help our clients around the world to prepare for tomorrow, today.

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