As we spend this last week of December battling to remember what day of the week it is, and finally finishing off the leftovers from our Christmas meal, here’s a quick thought about food in the future.

We will definitely be able to get more and more nutrients from pills, smart medicine, and artificial sources. Part of the drive to do this is to reduce our impact on the planet by way of factory farming. But, at the same time, food is not merely about nutrition – it’s also an experience and a time of potential human interaction. That will never go away, but maybe in the future we will be more intentional about which version of meals we choose some will be for nutrition only, and some will be for enjoyment and socialisation.

Whichever versions you still have left in 2022, the team at Throw Forward Thursday wishes you all the very best for the new year.


It’s that week between Christmas and New Year when we don’t know what day of the week it is, and for those of us who were able to enjoy a fabulous Christmas meal, it’s a few days of recovery.

Eating, drinking, and spending time together. It is one of the marvellous things about being human but come with me to the future.

This is Throw Forward Thursday, my name is Graeme Codrington. Every week we jump into the future and see what’s going on there. And sometime in Christmas future, you’re going to have the option to not overindulge with food and drink, but to rather take in all the nutrients that your body needs with a smart pill. Does that sound like a nice future for you?

I think we’re going to make sure that we have the option to do that and that we can get all of the nutrients that we need without farming the planet, without especially damaging the planet with animal products. But, of course, I don’t think that the future involves that being the only way we ever get nutrients, and we will then be eating food and enjoying food and drink for the sake of the enjoyment.

So, the future involves, I think, two parts that we will walk on together, making sure we get all the right nutrients and vitamins and supplements that we need and then giving ourselves space and time to really enjoy the food and drink that we eat. Both of those futures are our future.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday and I’ll see you next week in the Throw Forward Thursday studio.


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