This week’s combination of resources and articles offers insights and practical resources to help you equip yourself with the skill required in these disruptive times, as well as for the Future of Work.

  • In this week’s insights, Dean van Leeuwen shares The Seven Human Skills Needed to Build a Bionic Business. Read more here
  • We need our organisations to be more human. The promise of a bright future is the dream of humans and machines INTEGRATING and working TOGETHER, rather than competing or being replaced. Two articles that are worth your time on this topic: Read here and Robots Need Us More Than We Need Them: Download here
  • How seven mega forces of change are colliding to sharply transform the 2020s – Read more here
  • Responding to a “Perfect Long Storm”Transcript of Speech by Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister and Chairman, Monetary Authority of Singapore.
  • When one of South Africa’s top business journalists says very nice things about your colleague… listen here

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