Antibiotics changed our world 100 years ago, probably adding about 20 years to average lifespans as we dealt with infections and disease. But bacteria are continuing to adapt and are fast outpacing our antibiotics.

It is very likely that by 2050 our current antibiotics will be useless, and that could dramatically change how we manage healthcare. We need to use fewer antibiotics, in ourselves and in our food supply; and we need to look for alternatives to antibiotic use to combat bacterial infections.

Graeme Codrington, is an internationally recognized futurist, specializing in the future of work. He helps organizations understand the forces that will shape our lives in the next ten years, and how we can respond in order to confidently stay ahead of change. Chat to us about booking Graeme to help you Re-Imagine and upgrade your thinking to identify the emerging opportunities in your industry.

For the past two decades, Graeme has worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands, travelling to over 80 countries in total, and speaking to around 100,000 people every year. He is the author of 5 best-selling books, and on faculty at 5 top global business schools.


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