In a few weeks time we will be changing the format of our regular Tuesday Tip emails, with exciting news from the TomorrowToday  Futures Institute (TTFI). The team that contributes to the TTFI reports and insights include our core members, associates, partners and researchers.

Our associates offer unique and significant value to our clients, with a focus on psychology and personal development, unlearning and transitions, adaptive intelligence and technology futures. In addition to their own expertise, they are also licensed to present our TomorrowToday frameworks and workshops.

Have a look at their profiles below, and let us know if you’d like to find out more about what they can do for you:

1. Zanele Njapha

Known as ‘The UnLearning Lady’, Zanele has recently moved from our core team to start her own business and continue her brilliant work as one of Africa’s brightest Millennial business and career experts. She focuses on helping people and organisations unlearn old ways of working and learn how to step confidently into what the world demands of them today.

As an award-winning speaker, she is also a Forbes Contributor, the host of the popular Future-Fit Fridays podcast and a Career Mentor for ambitious corporate professionals.

Zanele’s key offerings include:

  • Facilitation & MC’ing
  • Keynotes & Workshops: UnLearn & Relearn | Navigating Transition
  • Strategic Brand Collaborations

2. Prof. Nick Barker

The world is changing and, less obviously, leadership is changing. Nick is an Adaptive Leadership specialist who helps organisations understand the implications of global change and how leaders should respond.

Trained as a cultural anthropologist with roots in Asia Pacific, Nick has designed and directed leadership programs for 25 years.  Working with top organisations around the world – corporations, governments, leading universities, business schools, foundations, and international organisations – Nick combines practical insights with deep learning, helping leaders to mobilize people to tackle their most important challenges and thrive.

Nick’s key offerings include

  • Global trends and futures – the context for change
  • Adaptive Leadership – your response
  • Practical toolkit for tomorrow’s leaders – unlearning and relearning
  • Crisis leadership, resilience and hope – anticipate, prepare, thrive

3. Tamryn Batcheller-Adams

Psychologist, researcher, author and parent. Interested in translating learnings from psychology on human behaviour (and mindsets) into relevant, practical application in the organisational context. Frameworks that help us understand how to be better human beings and work more effectively with others. Co-author of Mavericks: how bold leadership changes the world, an exploration of what it takes to reignite your inner Maverick and untapped potential for the sake of those around you.

Tamryn’s key offerings include:

  • Leadership development: Enhancing EQ skills using personality frameworks such as the Enneagram. Developing emotionally intelligent leaders. Developing your inner maverick – unleashing bold leadership in yourself and others: how to be more experimental, resourceful, undeterred and a rebel with a cause.
  • Team development: Frameworks for building cohesive teams; Creating trust and psychological safety in teams; Leader as coach – equipping leaders to mentor and coach others.
  • Mental health: Preventing Burn Out; Managing Chronic Stress.
  • Personal development: 1-1 coaching; emotional intelligence assessments and enneagram debriefing

4. Pieter Geldenhuys 

Pieter is a “tour guide to the future” and Director of the Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation. He has been used extensively as a futurist, innovation expert and strategist on the global stage by some of the world’s top business schools and assists numerous organisations in leveraging their innovative potential by providing them with the skills and insights to be pro-active agents in creating the future. He is the author of the book Headlines from the Future.

Pieter’s key offerings include:

  • Beyond 2030: The fascinating trends hidden in the tapestry of our future
  • Strategy and innovation

We also have a fantastic list of partners who provide specialist skills and insights when required by our clients and projects. If you need any help with anything related to the future of work, the future of people or the future of leadership, we are here for you.

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