Here’s what the TomorrowToday team has provided for this week’s 5 for Friday:

The importance of ‘the balcony’ and how to build the reflective muscle. Click to read.

The office is a tool, not a destination. We need to change our thinking about how we use it as such. Returning to the office can be a choice, not a challenge.

Easy Future Conversations with Graeme: Retirement Click to watch.

Podcast interview with LeadersHum on how to lead your team into the future. Listen here.

‘Workplace Wellbeing. 21 lessons for the new world of work’ is a collection of articles providing insights, guidance and strategies on improving personal and organisational resilience in the post-pandemic era.

Graeme Codrington contributed the second chapter on the future of work (“Don’t Just Rebuild; Re-Imagine). Grab your copy off Amazon here.

That’s all for this week. If there is anything our team can assist you with, please reach out and we’d love to organise a virtual coffee.

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