The world our children are navigating is very different to the world we had to navigate as kids… And very different from the world our parents had to navigate when they were raising us

The good news is that the Future Smart Parent team, together with the Be in Touch team are hosting a 90-minute mini-workshop next week for concerned parents who would like to know how to implement 8 practical steps on how to keep your kids safer online, while also protecting their mental health.

Parents will leave:

  • Understanding their kid’s digital world (and the impact it has on them now and for their future)
  • With 8 concrete steps for digital parenting, together with the apps, tools, and practical how-to’s to begin implementing them straight away.
  • With life-long access to the workshop recording, plus some great bonus content.

Dates: 7th March at 7pm SAST or 11th March at 11:30am SAST
Hosted by: Graeme Codrington (TomorrowToday), Josh Ramsey (Be in Touch)  & Jude Foulston (Future Smart Parent)
Cost: $37 (R570)


I remember the first time I traveled to a country where the cars traveled on the other side of the road, I nearly killed myself just crossing the street.

Of course, as we grow up as children, we’re told to look the one way, look the other way, look this way again, and then cross safely.

The problem is, if the cars are coming from the other side, you can look the wrong way first. And that’s exactly what I did.

You’ve got to unlearn this thing that was put into you as a kid and relearn something for a new environment. That’s a very simple analogy for where we find ourselves as parents today.

We didn’t grow up in a digital world. And even if we did have computers and Nokia phones and so on, we, we didn’t grow up with social media and the internet and all pervasive always on computing all around us.

And so we don’t necessarily have the correct toolkit, the correct skill set.

And as parents, we’ve got to unlearn some of the things we know and relearn them so we can be better parents in a digital world, better digital parents, for our children who live immersed in this digital world.

I’m really excited to be partnering with the Be in touch team with Josh Ramsey, and with Jude Foulston, of future smart parent to bring a parenting workshop for you.

The workshop is about digital parenting. And we’re going to give you eight specific strategies that you can apply as a digital parent that are practical, immediately implementable in your home to make sure that you improve your digital savviness as a parent, and help you feel a lot more confident, to speak to your children and provide good digital parenting for our children who need to be in the digital world, but need to be safer and saner while they are there. So please sign up for the workshop right now. And make sure that you reserve your seat to step up and become the best digital parent that you can be

If you don’t know what’s going on in your child’s digital world, chances are you don’t know what’s going on in your child’s world at all!” – Titania Jordan – Chief Parenting Officer, Bark

Sign up for our parenting workshop here ‘ How to keep your kids safer and saner online.’

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