Our team is working on some exciting and important ‘Future Smart Parent’ projects for 2022 and we’d love to hear what would help YOU figure out how to navigate this changing world so that we can help prepare our kids to succeed in the future.

Please drop us a mail to let us know what areas you’d appreciate more insights and resources on so that we can best serve you and your kids?

We’re planning on creating some mini-workshops as well as updating our keynote offering for the parenting space and really just want to make sure we’re creating content that is super useful.

In the meantime…. here are some resources for parents as we head into the festive season.

  • Parent Series Jobs of the Future: Graeme’s recent webinar with the iStore. Watch the replay here.
  • Childhood 2.0 – The living experiment. A must-see documentary for parents raising the first generation of kids with smartphones, where everything is different. Watch here.
  • Bark Technology: The Best Comprehensive Parental Control Tool for Families now available in South Africa. Find out more here.
  • The Future Smart Parent Podcast. Listen wherever you get your podcasts or via our website.
  • Keynote presentations: Chat to us if you would like our team to help the parents in your teams, at your schools, or in your communities navigate this ever-changing world that we’re preparing our kids for.

May this festive time be spent recovering, regrouping, and most of all, reconnecting after one hell of a year!

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