Welcome to Throw Forward Thursday. My name is Graeme Codrington. As always, we’ll leap somewhere into the future, sometimes far, sometimes near to see what’s happening. Last week we talked about solar panels in space, and of course, we already are very used to seeing solar panels on the roofs of buildings and even on our private homes. One of the other ways that we can generate green, clean, and renewable energy is, of course, using wind power.

We know these massive wooden turbines that are springing up all over the world, and as far as I hear, at least there’s been approval to put them all around the coast of the United States of America under the Biden administration. Let’s see if they can get something actually done.

But on Throw Forward Thursday today, let me take you to a future where we build walls around our houses, around our office places that can move just like this. They function as they should as a wall that keeps people out or in whatever you want, but the blocks of this wall actually move as the wind blows. It functions in every way a wall needs to function. But what it also does is it captures wind energy, turning it into electricity that can power your house, a building, or be put back into the grid.

Now, I think once we get our heads around this, we will realise that there are many places and many ways that we can use wind power that don’t require these massive wind turbines. I’ve got no problem with wind turbines. They work well, but there are many other ways in which we can use the natural wind flow that happens every single day across our planet. In the not-too-distant future, we’ll be doing a lot better than we are now in finding ways to incorporate aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient ways of generating electricity.

It’ll be about time as well as always. If you’ve got an idea of something that we can have a look at on our Throw Forward Thursdays, just go to and you can leave us any message, give us an idea, or if you want to ask me any question about the future.

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