Imagine walking forward at a very casual pace with a tennis ball in one of your hands.

After your tenth casual calm step, you swing the arm carrying the ball back and then, with all your might, you fling the ball far into the distance.

You can see where it’s landed, but it’s quite far ahead.

Do you worry that you’ve lost your ball? No.

Why? Because you know, in your ongoing march forward, you will reach the point where it landed.

You will catch up to the ball.

For me, the future is just the same.

I was recently interviewed on my attitude towards the future, and it made me think just how much we often romanticise the future (I’m quite one to talk, being a Futurist and all…ha-ha).

But guess what – it doesn’t exist. Because even when it arrives – we won’t call it the future. We’ll call it now.

What you are throwing today, will be waiting for you on the path.

And one day, you’ll get there – we’ll all get there.

So, my question to you is: What are you throwing into the future? What are you doing NOW?

Because guess what – when I meet you in 5 years’ time, it probably won’t be hard to guess, because you’ll be living with the choices you made.

Go out there and make this moment count. There isn’t really a future. There’s NOW…This moment.

If you’d like to be more strategic NOW about the future of your Career, access my Transition with Confidence course. Because it’s what you do today, that really counts.

 About the author of today’s Tuesday Tip – Zanele Njapha

In the face of disruptive change, Zanele, author of today’s Tuesday Tip, assists organizations to become future fit: adaptable, resilient, innovative, proactive and confident through helping them crack the unlearning code.

She does this by facilitating the understanding that learning, unlearning and relearning must be the crux and heart of an organisation’s DNA if they are serious about being future-fit.

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