Get the practical tools and skills needed to manage a hybrid team that is engaged, productive, and happy in just 6 short weeks.

Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed and battling to motivate the members of your team who are feeling disconnected as they work from home and from the office, we invite you to read on.

Discover how you can build a healthy hybrid team without having to micro-manage every team member, without having to be ‘online 24/7’. Help your team members adapt as individuals while also growing as a healthy hybrid team…

Are you tired of:

  • Having team members who aren’t contributing to the best of their ability
  • Micro-managing team members
  • Seeing bored or unhappy faces on the other side of the screen. Or not even seeing faces at all!
  • Wondering how this new way of working is going to work and how you’ll ever get back to normal with your team

You’re more than ready to have a team that is engaged, motivated and productive, but aren’t quite sure how to get there.

We get it – you want to be leading a highly functioning team.

A healthy team where morale is good, your team members are productive, and you know that your team members are happy.

A team who feel like they’re contributing to something important and who have a sense of belonging.

Team members who are able to balance life and work and not feel overwhelmed or burnt out.

But here’s the problem:

So many things about the way we work have changed and will continue to change, yet so many of us are still waiting to get back to life as we knew it. Spoiler Alert: Life is never going to get back to ‘how we knew it!’

We’re tired of micro-managing every hour of every member in our team, yet don’t know how to measure productivity or how to transition to an output-based workplace where we trust our team members to deliver what is expected of them or know how to create this new culture or way of working.

And, you’re wondering, what’s wrong with my team?

How should I lead my team through this changing environment?

Why haven’t I been able to figure this out?

Why do I feel so overwhelmed with managing my team and trying to keep everyone happy and productive!

What are other healthy teams doing that we’re not doing?

There are a lot of moving parts to get healthy hybrid teams right, and it’s not a process that’s going to happen overnight. It’s a culture you’re building, a new way of working.

But, let me tell you….it is WORTH getting right.

Having a team that

  • is productive and doing what needs to be done
  • is competent and confident to perform and deliver results.
  • has better collaboration between team members resulting in improved performance
  • Has members who feel like they’re contributing to a bigger purpose and who want to turn up for work, who want to contribute, who want to be there!
  • This leads to an organisation that can adapt to disruption.
  • And that leads to organisational success!

What if we told you there was a solution to unengaged, tired, and unmotivated teams. What if we told you that managing and growing healthy hybrid teams isn’t as daunting as it sounds if you have a starting point, a framework, and a community to support you through the transition.

Would you click “yes”?

Here’s what our team has put together for you!

  • A 6-week practical workshop that provides you with the framework and understanding of what it takes to build and manage healthy hybrid teams.

Practical lessons and tools to help you re-engage with your team, create a new team dynamic with the resources you need to help your team transition into a high functioning hybrid team.

    Building Healthy Hybrid Teams

    Speak to our team about our online course for individuals, or connect with us if you’re interested in more information on our keynote presentation on this topic – The 5 key ingredients of a thriving hybrid team.

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