“You cannot consistently perform in a manner which is inconsistent with the way you see yourself.”

– Zig Ziglar

Unleashing your greatness calls on you to take responsibility for your actions and behaviours. You cannot continually blame your environment, your parents, and your education for the way you are acting now. Unfortunately, too many people live their lives like this. You might have heard the following phrases from very capable people who keep making the same mistakes:

“It’s not my fault that my relationships don’t last because I have commitment issues”

“I can’t seem to hold down a steady job, I always mess it up somehow”

I am sure you can add your own excuses to this list, but if you want to unleash your greatness you need to let go of those excuses and take full responsibility for your behaviours. Your behaviour reveals what you truly believe. Adopting great core values should translate into great behaviour that is consistent with those values. You need to watch your behaviour and continually analyse what’s influencing your decisions and actions.

The relationship between your values and your behaviours is like the iceberg that you find floating in the cold oceans. Your behaviour is like that top part of the iceberg, it’s what everybody sees when they look at you. The dense 90 percent below the surface are your values and principles. The more refined, articulated and carefully applied those values are, the more refined and impressive the behaviour gets. Show me someone who has an impressive, great behaviour and I will show you someone who deeply understands and respects his/her core values. The opposite is true. Show me someone who is all over the place with erratic behaviour and I will show you someone who is not in touch with his/her core values and who has no clear principles.

But we all have a choice.

Take some time and revisit your core values (identify just three values you want to live by). Look at each core value you selected and ask yourself the following questions:

What behaviours ought to be evident in my life if I live this value successfully?

How will this behaviour affect those I regularly interact with?

What changes will be a result of these behaviours in my life?

As you go through each value separately and ask the three questions above you will hopefully start to see the correlation between your values, behaviour, and success. There is a direct line that connects your values to your current and future success but the only person that can connect those dots is you by choosing to live in the way that is consistent with your core values.

Most organisations now understand that there needs to be more than just values to create the right culture. These organisations are now putting more emphasis on communicating the kind of behaviours that are expected from their people.

Living out your values is how great people and organisations set themselves apart and achieve great things as a result.

About the author of today’s Tuesday Tip – Buhle Dlamini

Buhle Dlamini is a globally sought after speaker who helps organisations unleash their greatness and create an inclusive culture. Request Buhle to talk to your team about the 5 Key Ingredients of a thriving hybrid team.

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